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WAaS and dependency on SAaS, PAaS and BAaS

Representational Image Family Dispute, Photo Source

A typical Indian family consists of mother, father, wife and children, but as our society is changing the family structure and support system too. The role of law in a changing social system cannot be denied. This blog has been written, based on the views of activist who supports Family Rights

Does India cares more for Womens Rights than Child Rights

Representational Image of Swara Bhaskar Abuses Child in Abish show

Recently actress Swara Bhaskar in Abish Mathew's show 'Son of Abish', made many abusive remarks for a four year old child which was also supported by host of the show Abish Mathew and participant Kunal Kamra. Soon after her abusive remarks for children, she was trolled at Twitter. This matter did