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Film ‘Ye Mard Bechara’ is all set to Release on International Men’s Day


On the Occasion of International Men’s Day the film YEH MARD BECHARA is going to be released on 19 November 2021 right across the county.

The film ‘Ye Mard Bechara’ is going to be even more special because, for the first time a film is coming which is dedicated to men. The film is directed by the famous Delhi based Theatre Director Anuup Thapa.

The story of the movie ‘YE MARD BECHARA’ moving around trying to break the stereotypes related to manhood, to be released on November 19. After the Zomato and Lucknow case, the film is expected to bring the story of the other side of men which our society is ignoring.

“Story in one line – The man (mard) hurt too because he is also a human, man (mard) is not to tilt someone using your force, Rather a man(mard) overcoming his weaknesses , Manhood is not that to spread voilence but to stop voilence, follow the path of non voilence, manhood is not to lord it over women but it is to respect equality , to be a man (mard ) Not to give pain but to understand the pain of others because the man (mard) hurt too.. the name of the realization of the same pain yemardbechara”, Writer and Director Anuup Thapa as published by IMDb.

The star cast of this film ‘YE MARD BECHARA’, the Gurgaon based actor Viraj Rao is going to make his first Bollywood debut with the Star kid Manukriti Pahwa daughter of famous Veteran actor and filmmaker Seema Pahwa. Both Lead actors are going to make their first bollywood debut with the upcoming romance and comedy genre film ‘Ye Mard Bechara’. In addition, the film features a talented ensemble cast that includes Brijendra Kala, Atul Srivastava, and Sapna Sand.

The first look of the film Ye Mard Bechara was released on Sunday during Karwa Chauth. As part of the announcement, Shivam Aggarwal the producers of the film explained why the film’s poster was being released on Karwa Chauth.

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