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Does India cares more for Womens Rights than Child Rights


Recently actress Swara Bhaskar in Abish Mathew’s show ‘Son of Abish’, made many abusive remarks for a four year old child which was also supported by host of the show Abish Mathew and participant Kunal Kamra.

Soon after her abusive remarks for children, she was trolled at Twitter. This matter did not stop here, few NGO made online complaint against her at NCPCR and several other bodies and few also wrote to Cine & TV Artists Association (CINTAA) demanding ban in industry.

Even after so many voices raised against her abusive remarks for children, the authorities has not yet taken any action on Swara, Abish and Kamra.

I have observed that, authorities act quickly in case of violation of women rights. On 10th July 2019, Swara Bhaskar had complained to Mumbai Police about an online harasser and was impressed to get a response from the police within six minutes.

Similarly in Dec 2017, Zaira Waseem wrote on Insta about her molestation in flight. Mumbai Police responded quickly in the Zaira matter and arrested Vikas Sachdeva, where Sachdeva was in custody for more than 12 days.

After looking all the above actions of agencies, I cannot stop myself writing this article, because one thing was pinching me that, “Does India really care for children or their focus is only on women rights“.

Here you can see that, Mumbai Police responded in just 6 minutes of the tweet which was inappropriate for Swara or may be inappropriate by the law, but authorities not taking action against Swara after she abused the children. The negligence was just not stopped here but, I also saw an article of “thehauterfly.Com” which said it “a perspective” of Swara.

Here I want to made it clear that abusing child and giving them name are illegal per the law.

Before moving ahead, I also want to bring here another incident, when cricketer K L Rahul and Hardik Pandya made some remarks on their personal life regarding sex, which was just not only opposed by Media but also these cricketers had to apologise for their statements.

Now in all these three incidents, authorities, media, society take quick stand when it is about women but they ignores child abuse.

The children who belongs to most vulnerable segment of the society and such abusive remarks for children, will encourage perpetrators and rights violators. Tomorrow anyone will abuse a child and walk freely just by saying it their perspective, “will this be acceptable in society”?

Here I am concerning about, Swara is an actress, who can influence the society and might be role model of millions fans, so in such situations if any male can apologies for their personal life remarks, why our system giving space to the Child Rights violators?

No action against Swara, Abish and Kamra, it raises question with both authorities and CINTAA role who has ignored it completely. So in such situations, our children rights can be easily violated if we failed to take strict action against the rights violators.

This article is personal view of Kumar S Ratan, he can be contacted at “”

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