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Is Sad ending of Gurugram Boy, a happy moment for western Feminism #MeToo?


GURUGRAM: The day #BoysLockerRoom went viral on social media, same day a girl posted two years of old molestation with her on Instagram.

He was a lovely boy, he loves to play football, loves to spend time with his dog and family, nobody knew he would take such a big step.

Father of the deceased said that, “it was immense distress, shame, fear and unbearable anxieties caused by the post that drove his son to suicide“.

In the said matter, none of the authority such as National or State commission of women has raised any concern over “DigitalMobLynching and they are completely silent over this issue.

He also said that “People do not think before making comments on social media and it is very difficult for any child to face such a situation

Timesofindia published that, “It involved a classmate who had allegedly asked her to perform a sexual act on him in the basement of her housing society”, Soon after her girl’s post, the Class XII student, was trolled and committed suicide on the same night.

The father then approached to police on Thursday, blaming the trolling for his son’s suicide and also pleaded for change in the laws for the usage of social media by young persons. He said that, he was a good and obedient son and the same can be confirmed from his school friends.

TOI approaches the friends of deceased boy, they said that, as soon as the girl’s post went viral , he approached the his common girl friend to remove the post , and also said that it a false story.

The boy who also pleaded to stop all this, but no one listened him up, rather people started abusing him, trolling him online, he started crying and went into panic which lead to taking such strange step of committing suicide.

Commissioner of Police Mohammad Akil has assured justice and statements of all the stakeholders will be recorded.

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