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Boys and girls protest at Chandigarh University after several videos of girls bathing were leaked


Boys and Girls protest at Chandigarh University in Mohali, Punjab after the several videos of girls taking baths in the hostel were leaked.

Saturday late night, a massive protest broke out in the Chandigarh University campus after a girl from Himachal made several videos of other hostel girls taking bath. The accused girl is resident of Himachal and studying in this University.

Accused of several videos of girls bathing were leaked from Chandigarh University Hostel
Accused of several videos of girls bathing were leaked from Chandigarh University Hostel

It is alleged that the girl has made several videos and sent them to a boy from Shimla.

There are several vodeo of the accused girls are viral over social media. According to those videos, the accused Himachal girl has claimed that she made the video on repeated requests from the boy and also claimed that she does not know the boy and also denied any relationship with the boy.

From several videos, in one video with the warden, it can be seen that the warden is leading her investigation towards the boy and it is assumed that the girl made such a video under the pressure of the boy.

In another video, the hostel girl is seen saying that “the boy should be punished” while he told the accused girl that “nothing will happen to her”.

So if we believe on these viral videos, if the girl don’t know the boy, she has also failed to explain the pressure on her from boy side. How can this be believed that any girl will share such video to any unknown boy. It seems that the girl is cooking a story or she is being forced to cook.

According to police, the accused girl is a first-year MBA student and also informed that a case has been registered against the accused girl under IPC Sections 354 c and also under IT act by the Gharuan police post.

The accused girl neither knows the boy nor the girl has any photo of the boy, how can someone do such a big act just by saying something unknown.

Adv Roopenshu Pratap Singh apprehended that the accused girl might have blackmailed the other girls over money, and the accused girl, now to safeguard herself, is shifting the blame on the other boy. It might be she used that boy to sell off these videos and the main mastermind behind this case is solely that girl.

On the other hand Men Helpline demanded independent enquiry in the matter, a strong message has to be passed in such an offence.

Some netizens claimed a girl attempted suicide and posted a video of a girl being taken in an ambulance.

One netizen posted that both Boys and Girls protest against the alleged incident.

It is also claimed by netizens that police and university are not supporting them.

The netizens are posting a boy image claiming the main accuse;

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