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Bangaluru Mens Right Activist perform #KumbhakarnaPooja to wakeup Law Makers

Kumbhakarna Pooja Performed by Men's Activist to wakeup law makers

Sunday, Bangaluru Men's Rights Activists performed #KumbhakarnaPooja for peaceful mind, good sleep and to wakeup law makers. The #KumbhakarnaPooja was organised by team of Save Indian Family Foundation, which was led by Mr. Suprakash. Kumbhakarna Pooja performed by Men's Activist The activist collectively said that, the Pooja was perform also to raise voice

Writer-Director Manish Gupta’s interview about his movie ‘SECTION 375’

Write and Director Manish Gupta

‘SECTION 375’, the recently released movie penned by writer-director Manish Gupta explores the misuse of rape laws in India. While the movie ‘SECTION 375’ has garnered acclaim for its story, screenplay & dialogues penned by Manish Gupta, certain feminists have slammed the film for undermining the #MeToo movement. Excerpts from a chat