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WAaS and dependency on SAaS, PAaS and BAaS


A typical Indian family consists of mother, father, wife and children, but as our society is changing the family structure and support system too. The role of law in a changing social system cannot be denied.

This blog has been written, based on the views of activist who supports Family Rights and working in a way to give strength to family system and their support system. These activist say themselves a Men’s Rights Activist (MRA).

Acquittal in Laws Made to Protect Women

Citing figures from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2016, 87.7 percent cases under “Court Disposal in Rape Case” are pending at court while 74.5 percent are acquittal, similarly 89.1 percent cases under “Attempt to Commit Rape” are pending at court while 80.3 percent are acquittal. If I talk about “Cruelty by Husband”, again referring NCRB data in year 2016 which says, 90.6 percent are pending at court while 87.8 percent are acquittal.

It will not wrong to state, according to NCRB data, the laws meant to protect women cause harassment of men in more than 80 percent of cases. As a result, it leads to more broken families and harassment for young citizens.

Happy Married Life with WaaS is Possible Only by Taking SaaS, PaaS and BaaS in Good Faith

From a whatsapp chat with Techie Amit and Mayuresh, they see the family system in changing society as service to family. They also has view that men has been made responsible for every good or bad in family, and said that “A man cannot live happy family life until he surrender infront of Wife, Mother-In-Law, Father-In-Law and Brother-In-Law”. They also given it a technical name and relate it with software architecture as;

Service Oriented Architecture – WaaS (Wife as a Service)
Software as Service – SaaS (Mother-in-Law)
Platform as Service – PaaS (Father-in-Law)
Backend as Service – BasS (Brother-In-Law)

Dive some Major Point of Concerns which Husband Face

After having discussion with many activist about legal cases and Family Dispute, it comes out that husband faces issues such as

  • court and system has assumed it’s always men who are at fault
  • any household work demand from wife such as house keeping, food preparation etc.. comes under Domestic Violence (DV)
  • if husband asks wife to take bathe daily against her will, it also attracts DV
  • if a woman even kill any male, she can walk free by saying, she did to protect herself
  • if a wife allege her husband for harassment for Dowry demand, it attracts DV as well as Indian Penal Court Sec 498A
  • educated and working women demanding monthly maintenance amount from husband

What the man Facing in Family Dispute:

  • they are unable to focus on career and running to court to save themselves
  • they feel that their reputation has lost in society
  • they feel alone and this leads to depression and kind of trauma
  • they lost trust on wife, system and judiciary once they face legal challenges in life, due to lies they face
  • they lost access of their child, who has right to get love and affection from father
This is personal view of the blogger Kumar S Ratan, in case of query please contact on his personal mail

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Mayuresh January 7, 2020 at 5:58 pm

Absolutely true… now it’s a reverse marriage where men will go to women’s home after marriage… will our court will consider to give maintenance to husband in those case ? I think not… because in india even an Animal has a welfare but not men…


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