Professor Made 529 Calls to Accused, No Punishment in False Case

Men In False Rape Case

In the matter of Smt. Rachna Singh Vs State, the prosecutrix filed a case of Rape in Jan 2017 at DCP Dwarka Police, Delhi. She also claimed that the accused took her belongings, which the accused returned at a Metro station. The prosecutrix in her complaint said that, the accused book

Wife Booked for Poisoning Army Rtd Husband, #MENTOO


Wife Ritu Bakshi, drugged her retired colonel husband Rajiv Bakshi then locked him inside the house. The sensational incident was revealed when the Vimantal police rescued Rajiv from the house on the Rajiv's father call. Rajiv told the cops, that he received a call from his father that his mother has admitted

HC granted alimony to ex-wife, in a nullified marriage by trial court

Marriage India

High Court of Punjab and Haryana granted permanent alimony to the ex-wife, in a nullified marriage. The marriage was legally nullified as the wife hide her previous marriage and claimed herself unmarried. The bench of Justice RAKESH KUMAR JAIN and Justice HARNARESH SINGH GILL, last week ruled entitlement to the ex-wife

Husband and Kin freed from the Dowry Death and Harassment Charges

Hubby Acquitted From Dowry Deaty

Thane Court freed the husband, his mother and sister from the dowry death and harassment charges, but such allegation was not observed in the dying declaration of the deceased. The deceased family alleged husband and his relatives for the death of deceased due to dowry harassment. The Thane District and Additional

Pooja Bedi giving a New Height to #MenToo

Pooja Bedi #MenToo

Pooja Bedi, a woman who always supported women empowerment, now standing for Men's Rights. Bedi is now standing for her close friend Actor and Model Karan Oberoi, who has been made accused of Sexual Harassment and jailed. She is a strong lady, and has handled every situations maturely.

Asianet CEO Abhinav Khare lost Two years in a Baseless allegation of #MeToo

Abhinav khare CEO Asianet

Sonam Mahajan a social media political commentator, accused Asianet Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of sexual harassment, last year. This was another case of #MeToo movement. Abhinav Khare now proved innocent in the police investigation. The Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) , found Abhinav Khare guilty, which Khare challenged the constitution of

BCom Student committed suicide after threatened by girlfriend : Jalandhar

Mukul Gupta Suicide Jalandhar

Jalandhar, 21 year old B.Com student Mukul Gupta committed suicide, as His girlfriend satrted avoiding him after two years long relationship. Thursday, Mukul took poison at Indraprastha Hotel. He booked the room saying he will check-out from the hotel in the evening same day. After taking the poison, Mukul called his mother