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The dark tale of Money, mother-daughter duo arrested :Jaipur


JAIPUR: Three women including a mother-daughter duo, were arrested on July 28, 2019 for extorting money for settlement in a false rape case lodge by one of the accussed.

“Beware of preety faces that you find, a preety face can hide an evil mind.”

The 43 years old Anuradha kapoor had lodged a rape case against Rajendra Vayas and Anil Ahuja on july 16, 2019.

“She had already taken RS 6.5 lakh from them and came to Jaipur to take the remaining ammount of RS 8.5 Lakh. The women was with her mother, Moli Kapoor (67) and caretaker friend Chinki (28). All of them were caught while taking the money in a hotel here”, said DCP Jaipur east, Rahul Jain.

The accused women were arrested under section 384 of Indian penal code(extortion).

Officials said, Vyas and ahuja met senior police officers two days ago and told them of alleged blackmailing by the women, who are from delhi, following which a trap was laid.

These monstrous women gang were regular planning and blackmailing innocent men by using her seductive looks and charms, thus making innocent men gravitate towards them as like deer in a lion’s mouth.

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Dr Subash Gupta August 12, 2020 at 5:21 pm

These three women be given an examplary punishment so that the message goes to the remaining women that men have become Smarter than these witches. Dr Subash Gupta


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