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Bangaluru Mens Right Activist perform #KumbhakarnaPooja to wakeup Law Makers

Kumbhakarna Pooja Performed by Men's Activist to wakeup law makers

Sunday, Bangaluru Men's Rights Activists performed #KumbhakarnaPooja for peaceful mind, good sleep and to wakeup law makers. The #KumbhakarnaPooja was organised by team of Save Indian Family Foundation, which was led by Mr. Suprakash. Kumbhakarna Pooja performed by Men's Activist The activist collectively said that, the Pooja was perform also to raise voice

Writer-Director Manish Gupta’s interview about his movie ‘SECTION 375’

Write and Director Manish Gupta

‘SECTION 375’, the recently released movie penned by writer-director Manish Gupta explores the misuse of rape laws in India. While the movie ‘SECTION 375’ has garnered acclaim for its story, screenplay & dialogues penned by Manish Gupta, certain feminists have slammed the film for undermining the #MeToo movement. Excerpts from a chat

Tanushree’s #MeToo a Flop show against Nana Patekar

Tanushree #MeToo

In a major relief to actor Nana Patekar, Mumbai police has closed Tanushree's case against Nana. Mumbai police could not find evidence to prosecute Nana in molestation case lodged against him, which the Police have reported to the local court. Dutta made a complaint last year in October that sparked a nationwide

#MenToo Protest got Pooja Bedi’s support

MenToo Protest

Activist blamed feminist movement for ignorance of Men's issue in the system. The activist also have view that, men has been systematically discriminated in the system designed for women. The #MenToo movement was started last year after the #MeToo, when women started accusing male falsely over social media. Pooja Bedi, was first

Pooja Bedi giving a New Height to #MenToo

Pooja Bedi #MenToo

Pooja Bedi, a woman who always supported women empowerment, now standing for Men's Rights. Bedi is now standing for her close friend Actor Karan Oberoi, who has been made accused of Sexual Harassment and jailed. She is a strong lady, and has handled every situations maturely. Even after

Asianet CEO Abhinav Khare lost Two years in a Baseless allegation of #MeToo

Abhinav khare CEO Asianet

Sonam Mahajan a social media political commentator, accused Asianet Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of sexual harassment, last year. This was another case of #MeToo movement. Abhinav Khare now proved innocent in the police investigation. The Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) , found Abhinav Khare guilty, which Khare challenged the constitution of