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Twenty six years old barber’s son scales Mount Everest: Kashmir


Twenty six years old barber’s son scales Mount Everest with his strong will and determination.

Youth’s strong will and determination has made him to scale the peak of Everest. Twenty six years old Mehfooz Ilahi Hajam, a resident of Kulgam, Jammu Kashmir has successfully scaled The Mount Everest. “Men apart every man an emperor”.

Know Mahfooz Ilahi Hajam

Mahfooz is a civilian of Jammu Kashmir and an instructor at Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering And Winter Sports (JIM&WS) which is located in Aru, Pahalgam. Mahfooz’s father is a barber and he hails from a middle class family.

Mahfooz said that, “During his tour he was also stuck for ten days due to heavy winds on Mount Everest. He also added that the tour was full of adventure and toughness but after all there was happiness on reaching the top”.

The Mountaineering tour was led by Colonel LS Thapa, a climber who has scaled The Mount Everest twice. Thapa is currently appointed as principal of JIMWS Pahalgam. Mahfooz said that journey started on 1st June and at last the height was achieved successfully.

Mount Everest at a Glance

It is the highest peak in the world with the great height of 8849 meters, located in Mahalangur sub-range of Himalaya, above sea level. Mount Everest is well known for its mountaineering tour and is loved by all such enthusiasts. Climbing on Everest is full of dangers as climbers may suffer from Altitude Sickness, wind, weather, rockslide and the Icefall.

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