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Does Jaya Bachchan’s demand for lynching, an attempt to Demonization of Citizens?


Do we really need justice, are we serious, specifically when a House member expressed belief in lynching? It clearly represents her disbelief in the Indian justice system and the mentality of the member. This demand has came when India facing Lynching issues, so now this has become imperative to discuss the repercussions of lynching?

On Monday, Jaya Bacchan demanded Lynching as a form of Justice. She said “In some countries, when such things happen, the public delivers justice. This is my suggestion – I know it’s a little harsh – I think these kind of people (rapists) should be brought out in public and lynched properly.

I must want to tell you, madam that, India is not a country of hopeless citizens, citizens have not sent you there to take them to the era of Stone-Age. Madam being a representative of the citizens in the house, what you have said in Rajya Sabha is something that India does not need. I do not know if this was your favourite fantasy, but such statements should have been condemned in the house. Madam, such demand looks like you are really not bothered for justice, but trying hard to deviate from the topic with other topic.

The justice system has designed to remain human, and not just the Justice system, but the whole system under which your breathing has the same purpose. Today you able to give such ridiculous suggestion, because you were sent there with the same system and within the system which you are opposing. This is not the time to legalise Lynching but this is the time to take you down from your position, as you have suggested to break the backbone of the system.

The house is not for the fantasy makers but it is temple of Law and Policy makers. The citizens has sent you for national interest, not to take India back to stone-age. More importantly, security concerns should be taken intelligently not with stupidity.

When it is the matter of women’s safety and justice, you cannot escape directing Lynching. Do you understand, Lynching is an inhuman act and it will make human to become inhuman. Tell me how will you ensure women safety in an inhuman culture, Nation want to know your future plan to handle the situation, or your suggestion will be for cyclic lynching. That is like A lynched B, B Lynched C and so on.. also that by this idea of Lynching, how much crime rate you expect to be reduced?

The House is not the playground or for doing politics with the human sentiments. I just read a line of a Prominent Men’s Rights Activist Rajesh Vakharia who writes, “Politicians are egging on male stupidity. Men express their own violent attitudes indirectly by arguing for mob violence (on accused). Violence is violence, whether it is on a victim or on a criminal.”, and I think what he has said is not wrong if I read this line with your suggestion.

I am sure our House Members must be aware of National Crime Records Bureau data 2016, which says 25.5% conviction rate in “Rape Cases” while there is almost 87.7% cases are pending for hearing, also the conviction rate in “Attempt to commit rape” is 19.7% while pendency rate is 89.1%.

So in such situation, when the investigation agencies has shown their incapability (which essentially proved by very low rate of conviction), if suspect or accused are not given the provisions to appeal, then it will be like killing innocent men. Why I said only “Men”, because only men can be made accused in the rape cases, Indian Penal Court sections (IPC) such as IPC 376, IPC 375, though worldwide it is not gender specific.

So just imagine the mindset of the citizen, if the mob lynch an innocent man, don’t you see it is like demonization of citizens. This clearly indicates that politicians do not want to talk about justice or reform in the system they move the ball in another court. They even look not serious about this.

This is personal view of the writer Kumar S Ratan, in case of query please contact on his personal mail

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