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Ways to support Mens rights and Equality by Vastav Foundation on International Mens Day 2021


As Today, on 19th November, we are celebrating International Men’s Day, let’s educate ourselves about international Men’s Day. It is a globally observed day to promote men’s health, improve interpersonal relationships, celebrate the positive expression of masculinity, and address men’s physical health; physiological needs; social and emotional well-being; educational, economic, intellectual, psychological, mental needs and several other issues which are barely articulated.

This year’s International Mens Day theme is about “Improving Relationships between Men and Women”.

Let us celebrate this International Men’s Day by recognizing the invaluable contribution that men and boys have made to our society and by making sure that they are not left alone to suffer in silence.”, Men’s Rights Author Dr. Mithun Kherde, Vaastav Foundation

Men! You are the ones who have been inculcated since childhood that it is your responsibility to die in battle, to rescue people from a burning building, to get everyone out of a sinking ship and see your own end in sight! Be it the development of infrastructure or the test of transportation system or the communication affairs! Men are the invisible force making invaluable sacrifices without bothering of their personal difficulties for the sake of nation building.

According to a 2020 report released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), more men than women have committed suicide in the year 2019-20 20. Most of them who committed suicide were married men. The number of men who ended their lives by getting exhausted due to family reasons. Although many health problems are prevalent among men, at times due to lack of money, unavailability of information, absence of dedicated public health program catering to the specific health needs of men, tendency to put family needs ahead of their own health needs, and various other reasons leading to continuing neglect towards men’s health.

Several studies by Men’s Rights Organizations, academic research and media reports on Indian laws reveal that over the last several years, the misuse of one-sided laws by some women has been on the rise. In the disguise of ‘protecting women’, several laws that came into existence like Dowry Prohibition, Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment, Rape, Maintenance, Divorce, etc. are all anti-men laws and because of this, many Indian men who are embroiled being falsely implicated under these laws are committing suicide out of frustration.

Vaastav Foundation, from Mumbai, an organization dedicated to fighting for the human rights and issues of Indian men, is working around the clock to fight for men’s rights. The foundation has undertaken various initiatives to raise awareness about the ‘positive role of men’ in Indian society, their health and social as well as constitutional and judicial rights.

Vaastav Foundation urges to fight for men’s rights, equality, security and justice and hence suggested 10 ways which can be adopted at home, workplace or wherever you are:

  • Use the constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression bestowed upon you by the Indian Constitution and talk about men’s issues: #SpeakUpMen, #SpeakForMen ;
  • Stand up for men’s issues, their rights: #StandUpForMen ;
  • Reject the orthodox gender role/ burdenenslaving menas protector and provider and strive to liberate men from it: #SayNoToPatriarchalBurdenOnMen ;
  • Share daily family expenses equally between spouses: #HusbandWifeShareExpensesEqually ;
  • Participate in voting against the anti-male policies of the legislature: #NOTAForMensRights.;
  • Educate the next generation about the problems of this generation of men: #FalseCasesOnMen, #ParentalAlienationOfFathers ;
  • Fight for the recognition of men’s rights: #MensRightsAreHumanRights ;
  • Ask institutions to make laws for men to present their problems and study their problems: #HelplineForMen, #MinistryForMen,  #DepartmentForMen, | #CommissionForMen, #ShelterHomeForMen, #GenderStudiesDepartmentsForMen, #GrievanceRedressalForMen, #LawsForMen, #JusticeForMen ;
  • Join the conversation: #BooksForMen, #JournalsForMen, #InternetForMen, #BlogsForMen, #TwitterForMen, #FacebookForMen, #InstagramForMen, #KooForMen. ;
  • Contribute with physical labor, encouragement, financial strength to organizations fighting for men’s rights: #MensRightsNGO, #MensCommission;

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