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NOTA Vote and Men’s Rights


NOTA was introduced in 2013 as negative vote. This is not about “right to reject”.

The supporters of Men’s Right have decided to act under the rule of democracy. Their decision of opting NOTA is a step to bring focus of the political parties over the Men’s Issues.

These activist believe that, men’s issues has been widely ignored. Their issues and concerns being suppressed. They are opting NOTA as a affective way to get attention of political parties.

Activist and Advocate Roopenshu Pratap Singh said that, men suicide in family dispute is almost double in comparison of women. The situation has become worse for men that, men can be made criminals just based on a single complaint by women.

He added, that due to lack of professional approach by investigation agencies they always show hurry in getting arrest warrant. The law which was made to protect women, has becoming as a tool to harass men.

R K Sharma, a senior citizen said that, the laws of protection of Women from any harassment, are poisoning women’s mind. He added that society should not be divided into gender and there is a need of equality in laws.

The activists demanding laws to protect men from false cases. They shown concerned about family, children, senior citizens and society, because such misuse of laws are impacting them.

These activist expressed concern for the increase in the number of separation between the family, alienation with children, the safety of senior citizens.

These activists, believes in philosophy that “family must be strengthen”. Separation between family also breaks society and give wrong messages between society.

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