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#MenToo Protest got Pooja Bedi’s support


Activist blamed feminist movement for ignorance of Men’s issue in the system. The activist also have view that, men has been systematically discriminated in the system designed for women.

The #MenToo movement was started last year after the #MeToo, when women started accusing male falsely over social media.

Pooja Bedi, was first seen in the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) at a conference held at Constitution club of India, New Delhi last year.

Bedi has view that, men and families are now suffering due to the misuse of the law made to protect women.

Bedi is now actively connecting with various activist of men’s rights (MRA) and the NGO working for Men’s Rights. She is now encouraging male victims to speak.

Bedi is supporting the movement to ensure that, “every men stand equal before the law, which the Constitution of India guarantees”.

Vastav Foundation, a Mumbai based Men’s Rights NGO with support of AmpleMission, has planned a peaceful protest to give a push to #MenToo. The protest is scheduled on 15th June 2019 at Azad Maidan, Mumbai.

In the said protest Pooja Bedi has extended her full support along with her friends in the bollywood. She experienced the issue very closesly, when her best friend Actor Karan Oberoi was made accused of rape case by his live-in partner and he spent almost a month in the jail. Later complainant woman even planned attack on herself to make the case even more stronger.

Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj has seen actively pushing the movement and also participating in the protest.

Deepika has directed the documentary film “Martyrs of Marriage” which documents the injustice to men because of false accusations under dowry laws, which is now also streaming on Netflix. It has also documented that “how a man committed suicide to give an end to the harassment”.

Activist Amit Deshpande says, “the #MenToo movement has stormed the nation highlighting false cases against men”.

Activist and Law student Vickram Bisyar said that, “#MenToo movement encouraging men to speak up for their harassment by women”.

Activist Kumar Jahgirdar said that, they will fight for gender neutral laws. Under the #MenToo campaign, he also demanded punishment for the complainant who falsely accuses.

Activist Swaroop Sarkar said in an interview that, “Unfair laws cannot bring gender equality. Laws should be gender neutral. There should be special laws to prevent misuse of dowry and rape laws.”

Advocate and Activist Roopenshu Singh uses a term “misproportion, where one considered as victim while other as demon”.

“The systematical discrimination of men in the law and the system are not only affecting the life of Men but it is also impacting the family system”. #MenToo needed to protect family, Society and Culture.

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