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Does “Bois Lock Room” controversy led to Gurugram based 14-year-old boy to commit suicide in #MeToo


A 14-year-old boy from Gurugram committed suicide late on Monday after being accused in a “MeToo” post on Instagram. Post came at the same time when the “Bois Locker Room” group controversy went viral on social media. Next day the similar stuffs came for boys from “girls locker room”.

The Gurugram boy committed suicide when his parents were out from home and he was alone at home. He has not left any suicide note, but there is speculation that he has link with “Bois Lock Room” controversy.

Delhi Commission of women chief Swati Maliwal, without delay lodged an F.I.R and confirmed on twitter for the “Bois Lock Room” case.

The #BoysLockerRoom and #GirlsLockerRoom were keep on trending on twitter for more than twelve hours. Many feminist group started questioning boys ethics and this suddenly went silent as soon as #GirlsLockerRoom came.

Quint published an open letter by Maanvi Gagroo which refer Michelle Obama quote “The measure of any society is how it treats its women and girls.”

The other group who is asking about protection for their son’s, if both boys and girls were involved in such unethical jokes or debates, then why only boys being punished.

Many activist arguing for provision of teaching law in school for boys, due to lack of protection for them they must know the law before they act.

The admin of the group, a 15 year student taken into custody by Police on Tuesday, and further investigation going. Police is also probing the link of Gurugram oy who committed suicide with the “Bois Lock Room” matter.

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