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Pooja Bedi giving a New Height to #MenToo


Pooja Bedi, a woman who always supported women empowerment, now standing for Men’s Rights. Bedi is now standing for her close friend Actor Karan Oberoi, who has been made accused of Sexual Harassment and jailed.

She is a strong lady, and has handled every situations maturely. Even after divorce, she has maintained a cordial relationship with her ex-husband, as she want her children to grow up with both parents.

Bedi in her divorce, she not even took alimony from her ex-husband, as she is able to support herself and her children financially.

Bedi is supporting men’s Rights from a year. She was the Chief Guest in the First Conference for “Commission for Men”, held at Constitution Club, Delhi on 23 Sept 2018.

Bedi seen very active over social media, after her friend and Actor Karan Oberoi arrested in sexual harassment allegations.

Oberoi made accused of sexual harassment by the woman who was in a relationship with Oberoi since 2016. Oberoi got arrested after the allegation and at present he has been sent for Judicial custody.

The woman in her complaint, alleged Oberoi of sexual harassment, extortion and filming the intimate scenes. She has also alleged the Actor, that he promised to marry but he denied later. The women ahs also accused the actor of blackmailing using the videos.

Pooja Bedi Concern

Bedi said the allegations made over Oberoi, are false. She concerned for the purpose of law, which got defeated by such false allegations.

Bedi in her interview with The Times of India said as;

“They misuse these laws eithert to extort, personal vendetta, and for various other reasons…Today, a Karan Oberoi, who is famous, has been branded as a rapist…”

Pooja Bedi said in a interview with The Times of India

She also said that the false allegations “caused irreparable damage” to Karan Oberoi.

“What’s unacceptable to me is that women can file whatever cases they want to against a man and their names are kept secret, but you can tarnish the image of a man completely.”

Pooja Bedi said in a interview with The Times of India

“There have to be repercussions and stringent punishment against women who file fake cases, because only then they will learn to not frame someone.”

Pooja Bedi said in a interview with The Times of India

“She has caused irreparable damage to this man. If it is proved that it’s a fake case, which I am certain it will, I want to see action taken against her and in fact, against every woman who has filed a fake case against a man and has caused irreparable damage to his career, name, dignity, integrity and his family.”

Pooja Bedi said in a interview with The Times of India

Activist View on #MenToo

There are almost 50 Men’s Rights NGO, who are supporting the victims of the biased laws. They doing meetings in weekends and keep pushing men’s issues. Many of them are running from 15 years and committed towards the Men’s Rights.

The activist are not against the protection of women, but they want men to be given equal status as women in the law.

Men’s Rights Activist Anil Kumar asked the responsibility of Supreme Court (SC). He reffered the recent guidelines of SC which says “sex on the pretext of false commitment of marriage is rape”. He added that, “judiciary should take tough step, as such guidelines are promoting false cases”.

Men’s Rights Activist Amit Deshpande said that, “man suffer endlessly l, marely on a complaint of women”. He also added that, “it’s mockery of justice under the name of women Empowerment”.

Deshpande in a interview with The Times of India, put forward his demand, “gender neutrality in gender-biased laws”.

Men’s Rights Activist and law student Vickram Bisyar, said that judiciary is criminalizing Indian male just on mere statement of Women. #MenToo needed, as Men must be heard now.

Men’s Rights Activist Swarup Sarkar, said that, “law is so unfair, as a man you can not even name any woman at Police, who does wrong, rather you will be Jailed” .

Advocate and Men’s Rights Activist Roopenshu Singh supported Pooja Bedi and said, #MenToo was a long awaited movement and was waiting for the push. Until the false accusers will not be punished, such accusation will not stop and men life cannot be protected.

Men’s Rights Activist Amit Lakhani, referred the Kumar Thakur matter who recently acquitted in false case of sexual harassment after a long battle. He also said that, humanity must be ensured.

Activist Kumar Ratan said that, “it’s a gross violation of Nationality for Men or its a fake promise, because men have no protection of law”.

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