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Bihar: Mother of 4 children married her lover, husband gave her blessings and said he will take raise kids


This is the story of a changing society, where the system only cares about the rights of women. She fell in love with other boy so deeply that she couldn’t do it with her 2-year-old. This is Kaliyug and we are witnessing the changing role of a mother.

In the matter, the woman was married and also mother of 4 children, fell in love with someone of her maternal home area. The husband got his wife married to her loved one.

The incident took place in Gangania village of Sultanganj in Bhagalpur district of Bihar. The woman spoken to her husband before Karvachauth about her love for other guy and the husband got the wife married to her lover without creating hindrance.

The husband after knowing her willingness to stay with the other guy, he got the wife married to her loved one in front of the villagers, Sarpanch and Mukhiya of the village.

The husband told her wife to live happily forever, he will raise the children. The age of the four children is only 2 years to 8 years and they married 10 years ago.

The woman Pooja is from Banka district in Bihar. She got married with Shravan of Gangania village in year 2012. She used to visit her matrimonial home frequently. Her affair started with five years ago.

According to the legal expert, the second marriage is not valid unless she takes the divorce order from her first marriage. In such a situation, the way for the woman to return home to her first husband will remain open. So this is a risky situation for her first husband because the woman can claim maintenance anytime as per law.

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