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Jodhpur: wife chops off her AAO husband into pieces, with help of her two sisters separated from their husband


Thursday, the Banad police arrested the deceased’s wife for killing and chopping her AAO husband into pieces. Police has also arrested two sisters of the deceased’s wife and a friend who helped her committing the crime.

Police have confirmed that, the culprit wife to erase the evidence, cut off both her husband’s arms, legs, head and torso by a grinder machine and threw them into the sewerage lines.

Deceased Charan Singh alias Sushil (24) was AAO in Agriculture department, got married with Borunda resident Seema in 2013 but ‘Gauna’ was left. Accused Seema is working as a Veterinary Assistant at Ghaghana in Nagaur district. As this was a long time since they got married, the Charan Singh family were pursuing with Seema family for ‘Gauna’. Seema was not interested in performing ‘Gauna’.

Accused Seema plans the conspiracy along with her two sisters Priyanka and Babita. Both sisters live separately from their husbands. Priyanka also involved Bhiyaram in the murder conspiracy. According to the plan, on August 10, Accused Seema took Charan Singh on his motorcycle to her sister’s room in Nandadi, where Bhiyaram was also present with Priyanka and Babita.

As part of the conspiracy, Charan Singh was served cold drinks and sleeping pills in alcohol and then Seema injected anaesthesia. Then Charan Singh was strangled after falling unconscious. The four then to erase the evidence and to dispose the body, cut off his hands, feet, head and torso, which was then dumped into separate bags of cloth and thrown into sewerage lines.

Charan singh, in Nov 2019 posted over FB, about his selection as AAO in Agriculture Department and was also talking about his struggles between year 2013 to 2018.

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