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Mohammad Shami reveals Hasin Jahan lies, indicates misuse of process of law


Shami finally talked about the ongoing dispute with his wife Hasin Jahan. Though it is about family dispute, but the way Hasin Jahan continued to level allegations against husband Shami and their family and spoke publicly, the other side story was awaited.

Shami denied the allegations leveled against him and his family by wife Hasin Jahan. Hasin hid her first marriage and children with Shami.

After a long pause on the allegations of wife Hasin Jahan, Shami finally gathered courage and broke the silence. He denied all the allegations leveled by wife Hasin Jahan. He talks about it calmly and also discussed about evidences of his innocence which indicates ‘abuse of the process of law’ by Hasin Jahan.

He also also denied the allegations of rape that Hasin leveled against Shami’s brother. According to him, Hasin went for a dinner at Shami’s elder brother just a day after of the alleged rape, Shami also talked about some regular chats on household work on next day.

Did Hasin mess with Shami with plan:

According to Shami, she used to record calls. So was she recording the calls, to make evidences. She understands the importance of evidence as she has faced legal proceedings for divorce in the past.

When Shami Cried in Public:

Shami cried when asked about daughter, after Hasin bring the child with her. It was like a Hero was crying for her princess, isn’t it!

Hasin Jahan First marriage:

Hasin’s first marriage with husband Sheikh Saifuddin, which was a love marriage, and divorced in 2010. Hasin has 2 daughters from her first marriage. Then she came in contact with Shami and she again fell in love with Shami and they got married after long dates between them.

Hasin sometime states in media that it was a preplan to destroy her, while the truth is that there was a bog gap in status of Shami and Hasin, Hasin was in the begining of her career while Shami had secured his place in the Indian Cricket team.

According to Hasin’s first husband Saifuddin, she used to regularly create ruckus in the family without any reason.

Shami about Hasin’s first marriage:

On the other hand, according to Shami, Hasin had hidden her first marriage from him and even she has mentioned herself as single in the marriage registration form, even she hid her both daughters from first marriage. Hasin introduced her children as her cousion’s daughters.

Mens Rights Activist on the Shami dispute:

Activist demanded Justice for Mohammad Shami.

She had nothing to loose as she had decided to leave the family (first marriage) behind and pursue a career. Then she again fall in love with Shami and left him in the same way she left her first family. So why is she always right, is it because she’s a woman and has big feminist lobbies to support her?

Note : the article is based upon various video at social media platform.

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