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Kiran Bedi Son in law arrested in kidnapping of his own daughter, released later

Today evening around 7 pm, Pune police arrested the only son-in-law of Kiran Bedi in kidnapping of his own daughter.

Some days back, Kiran Bedi granddaughter Meher, released a video over social media. In the video she said shown interest of living with his father and also said that she is happy with father.

The video of Mehar came after, missing complaint was filed by Kiran Bedi.

From the sources, police has arrested the father Rujbeh in the kidnapping his only daughter. Rujbeh sister Jenn Bharucha tweeted about the arrest of his brother.

Jenn in her another tweet, said that the action of Pune Police is harassing for her brother and Meher.

Activist Deepika Bhardwaj said on tweeter, that the family called her and informed the matter. According to Deepika from the tweet, she contacted the police, and police confirmed the arrest.

Deepika Bhardwaj

Activist and Advocate Roopenshu Pratap Singh tweeted and asked local people to help the father.

Roopenshu Pratap Singh

Activist working for child rights, they said that, this is not the matter of kidnapping. When the child residing with her natural guardian. The added that, in this matter, the daughter herself has shown interest to stay with father, so there is certainly not the crime against child.

Men’s and Child Right Activist Kumar S Ratan said that, India is signatory of UNCRC and acceded in Dec 1992. Article 12 of UNCRC states that “a child has right to be heard”. The article clearly said that, child view must be given due respect. So after considering facts per the social media, it cannot be a case of kidnapping.

Then after all the high profile drama, in the late night, the father and daughter released by police after taking their statements. The father was booked under IPC sec 363, which for kidnapping by unknown person.

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