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Newborn who was strangled by her widow mother, gets justice in 27 years

Bombay HC upheld life term of the widow mother who strangled her new born daughter

Aug 11, the Bombay High Court upholds life Sentence of a widow, who strangled her newborn daughter, causes to death. The case was registered against the woman in year 1993 at Uran Police Station, Mumbai. The division bench of Justices RD Dhanuka and Surendra Tavade upheld the life Sentence of Kamlabai

Woman tortured her Son for more Money from Ex-Husband

A shameless and terrifying act done by a mother, and she also recorded her act on camera. In the recording, she is seen beating her 3 years old son. She made it to create pressure on her ex-husband. Mumbai Mirror reported the news that, she wanted more money from ex-husband