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Woman tortured her Son for more Money from Ex-Husband

A shameless and terrifying act done by a mother, and she also recorded her act on camera. In the recording, she is seen beating her 3 years old son. She made it to create pressure on her ex-husband.

Mumbai Mirror reported the news that, she wanted more money from ex-husband as after separation she is getting 6000 rupees from ex-husband. Her demand of more money has also recorded in the video and also that she was claiming more expenditure than what she is getting.

Their marriage could not go long but husband agreed to pay the money for their maintenance even after separation. It can been seen in the video, the child is crying and begging mercy but the mother did not showed mercy and keep beating from a kitchen tool made of steel.

Activist working for children’s and Father’s right said that, custody law should change in India. They also said that, in family matters India has only custody law while the world has adopted the concept of “Shared Parenting and Joint Responsibility”.

They further described the concept as, both parent comes on a formal agreement for the best of their children and their life. In such agreement both father and mother decides the proximate and distant parent in a cyclic fashion along with they jointly take responsibility and decisions for the children.

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