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#Mandi: Two innocent girls were thrown into the ravine to come back to the in-laws’ house, Kaliyugi mother arrested

Two innocent girls were thrown into the ravine | Mensplanetnews (Image Source : MBN News Network)

Mandi: A Kaliyugi mother killed two innocent 3-month-old children in an extramarital affair. The lives of the innocent were lost due to the adulterous life of the mother.

The police found the bodies of the deceased toddlers in the Sukri ravine that ravine streamed through the Ravinagar ward of Mandi city. The police immediately took action in the case, and within a few hours, arrested the accused.

From the media sources, the culprit woman is a 35-year-old female resident of the Ravinagar ward. She was living with her boyfriend for a year. During their stay together, she gave birth to two twin girls, but she decided to return to her in-laws’ house after her dispute with the lover.

On the night of 17th September, she threw both her twin baby girls into the Sukri ravine alive, before returning to her in-laws and pretending as if nothing had happened.

According to her, the society and her family would question if she had taken her twins with her, and also that her secrets would be out. So to avoid all these issues, she decided to kill her own twin daughters.

Police was successful in taking the woman into custody with the help of informers and the whole matter was cracked.

A case was filed against the culprit, under IPC sections 317 and 340. ASP Ashish Sharma has confirmed that the case has been registered, and also that the woman is under police custody, and interrogation of the offender is still ongoing.

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