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Rajkot : Mother Killed her seven-year-old son to conceal her illegal relationship


The mother has been arrested by the police for the murder of her seven-year-old son Aman. According to the police, the mother took the life of her son to hide her illegal relationship.

Nalia town of Kutch district, woman Gunja Yadav aged 26 years accused of taking the life of her seven-year-old son. Police revealed that she killed her son out of fear, that Amam will tell his father about his mother’s affair with Dhananjay Yadav.

The mother Gunja had cooked the whole story, and said Aman was sleeping on the cot and when she returned from outside and tried to lift Aman, he was in a dead state. Then she further spoken to police that neighbors thought he had bitten by the snake, so he was taken to nearby PHC hospital where he was declared dead. The doctors also confirmed that it was not due to snake bite.

Gadhvi, the Deputy Inspector at Nalia Police Station spoken to media, that they suspected her story from the beginning so they sent the body of the child for postmortem. The report confirmed that death was due to throat stroke. Then police interrogated the mother where she accepted her crime. Times News Network reported.

The Police told to media that, mother Gunja had murdered his son on 9th April and the mother committed the crime in fear that her son would tell her illegal relationship with her husband.

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