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Ujjain: Kaliyugi Mother discovered the way to kill the child on youtube


A kaliyugi mother has been accused for killing her 3 month old daughter in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. The mother searched for methods to kill her own daughter over internet. She killed her daughter after that.

This shameful incident happened just few days ago on 12 October. The police have got the evidences during investigation and have found the girl’s mother Swati Bhatvera guilty of death. The police has arrested the Kaliyugi mother, the reason for murder is still not found.

As per police the information shared by her, Veerati, a 3 month old girl belongs to Bhatwera Family. She had gone missing from October 12. After the intervention andinvestigation by police it was revealed that the child is no more in this world.

After investigation body of the child was found in a water tank which was built at home itself. After this incident, police have kept eyes over every family member of child. Father Arpit, mother Swati, grandparents were living in the house. For some disputes in the family it has result the cause of the little beloved kid.

During interrogating the girl’s mother said that she was searching ways to kills the little kid on YouTube. It has also revealed in the investigation that she has some mental health issues. Apart from the girl’s mother was questioned and history of her mobile phone was checked. Police have got enough evidence to proof her crime. This was an unexpected news for everyone in our country.

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