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Nagpur: Mother brutally beaten 7-month-old in an argument with family, Parents counselled by cops


A viral video has surfaced on social media, in which a Kalyugi mother is seen thrashing her 7-month-old son. The police allowed the parents to go home after counselling them.

The Nagpur police swung into action and rescued the infant and rounded up his parents, after the video of the child being brutally beaten by the mother surfaced on social media. Later the police allowed the parents and allowed them to go home.

It is for us to understand that, ‘a child is no more the property of the parents‘, that they beat or use their children, and that society has to play a major role in ‘protection of child near them’, in the same way as they interfere in husband-wife quarrels. Our society treats crime committed by any woman very leniently, but one thing has to be understood that sometimes it may become a matter of one’s life and death, so be aware.

The alleged incident happened on May 24 in Pandharabodi area of Nagpur district. As per media reports, the said video was made by a relative who was present there, and the relative then shared the video to his contacts. After the video went viral, few resident of the area alerted the local police.

“The incident took place in Pandharabodi area of Maharashtra’s Nagpur district on May 24, Ambazari police station” inspector Narendra Hiwre said as published by News18 India.

On Sunday, the police team headed by Inspector Narendra Hivare rescued the newborn and took her parents to the police station. The police fed the child at the station, and counselled the parents to not to hit the child.

“Senior inspector Narendra Hiware of Ambazari police station said the baby was fed at the police station and is in safe custody,”, as quoted by Times Now News.

According to the police, the newborn’s father is a musician and before the Nationwide lockdown he used to work in orchestra, but due to the restrictions in this pandemic crisis he is working as labourer to meet the family needs. The grandmother also works as a domestic help which she is spending for the livelihood in the family.

“A neighbour told the police that the child’s mother and grandmother used to have frequent quarrels over their financial woes, he added.”, as published by News18 India.

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