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Groom and his family were given sleeping pills, then absconded with jewelry and money


In Haryana, the instances of gang robberies are increasing every day, in which some brides involved in inter-state marriages are used for executing those robberies. Many similar incidents came to light before this specific incident, where brokers bring brides from other states and victimize middle-aged men.

Under the influence of the brokers, the men get married to the brides and bring them to their houses. But within a few days, their brides loot them and escape, and the grooms are left with no other option but to repent.

A similar incident from Bohar village of Rohtak has come to light, where the victim Suresh Kumar, deceived by a broker, got married to a girl from Chhattisgarh who was ten years elder to him.

Suresh had paid 70,000 rupees to the broker for this marriage. After their marriage, the bride developed good relationships with his family members and won the trust of his family members within a few days.

But who knew that it was all a hoax, and just after a few days after the marriage, she eloped with all the money and jewelry after feeding sleeping pills to Suresh and his family.

The victim, Suresh, went to the police station and reported the incident with all the details, but the police asked him to wait for a few days since she might come back. He said that he had deposited 70,000 rupees for his mother’s operation and made some jewelry for her.

But his bride robbed all the jewelry away along with thousands of money. His entire family is right now in trauma and shock after the incident.

The victim, Suresh Kumar, informed that he got married to Arti, who was from Chhattisgarh and was ten years older. Three months ago, they got married in court, and Suresh had paid 70,000 rupees to the broker for the marriage.

After three months, Arti ran away with all the jewelry and money after feeding sleeping pills to her husband and his entire family. Suresh’s family members were in shock and informed that today society is questioning them because of her, and she has ruined their family’s reputation.

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