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Ranchi-based hotelier dies in suspicious condition, he said in his last video that wife gave poisonous pills


Tuesday, on Apr 13, 2021, A Ranchi based businessman who runs a hotel near Naga Baba Khatal dies in suspicious condition. He made a video on his mobile phone before his death and said that, his wife had given him poisonous pills, adding that his wife Swati and her family are responsible for his death.

Ranchi-based hotelier Premjit Prasad made several serious allegations against his wife Swati, saying that he had no option to protect himself from the harassment of his wife. He has accused his wife, wife’s brother Santosh and parents of his wife in the video.

He said that, his wife and wife’s family had been harassing him for about one and half year.

Premjeet and Swati were in love and married 2 years ago, after which the couple started living in a rented house. But their marriage life was not going well, he was constantly tortured by his wife and his wife’s family, even wife Swati had filed a dowry harassment case against him at Sukhdev Nagar police station.

In his last video, he has also revealed that her wife had filed rape case against him and then he got married, thinking everything will go well. He also said that, Swati is not even letting him go to his shop. He has also filed divorce case but failed at everywhere.

His family members told that Prem had come home before his death. He also informed his mother that his wife has fed him something after that he feeling unwell and going to the near by hospital at RIMS. But before reaching the hospital, his body was found at the football stadium in Morabadi.

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