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M.P. Robber brides: Bride ran away with two and a half lakhs a day before the wedding


Just a day before the wedding, two brides ran away with two and a half lakh rupees from the grooms-boys. The fraudsters woman had taken Rs 2.26 lakh as advance from the two families for the expenses of marriage by claiming themselves belong to a poor household.

The fake-bride and her family claiming demise in family cancelled the marriage just a day before of the marriage ceremony. Police has arrested the gang of fake-family and investigation is going-on.

A 76-year-old Jagdamba Prasad Dixit, a resident of Badari village of Kaimor police station, had filed complaints. He informed the police that about two months ago, Arun Kumar Tiwari and Mansukh Raikwar, residents of Satna visited their home.

Jagdamba was also looking for a girl for the marriage of both sons. On his call, he reached Satna on October 23, 2021, where he was introduced to Babita Tiwari in a two-storey house. He was also introduced to the girls I.e; Sadhna Tiwari and Shivani Tiwari as the daughter-in-law. They fixed the rishta on the same day.

When the marriage was fixed, Jagdamba’s granddaughter Shivani also posed for photos with both the girls. The fake bride family called the groom family at Baudari to fix the date of marriage where Babita, 2 girls as daughters, and Keshav Prasad’s maternal uncle, Deepak, introduced as brothers. The pre-wedding rituals were done here and the wedding date was fixed for 29 November.

Bringing up the deteriorating financial situation, maternal uncle Keshav and brother-in-law Deepak took 60 thousand rupees on November 11.

After this, 50 thousand rupees were deposited in the accused’s Bank of Baroda account in Satna district of Babita. After giving the money, the Dixit family was busy in the preparations for the wedding. Wedding cards were printed and distributed among relatives and acquaintances.  Advanced for the tent, marriage garden, catering, mare and bandwagon for about one lakh rupees.

On November 28, a day before the ceremony left, Babita informed the Dixit family on mobile that her brother in law had passed away. Because of this marriage will not happen. After this, the next day the Dixit family reached Satna to offer their condolences. On reaching there,  they came to know that Babita Tiwari was living in a rented house which she vacated and girls were also missing.

Took more than 1.25 lakh from another family

Rakesh Pathak, a resident of Amarpur in Umaria district, and Ramakant Upadhyay, a resident of Dhanwali, told him that for November 29, Babita Tiwari had arranged the marriage of her daughter Shivani to Vinod, son of her brother Ramkishore Upadhyay. Also, 86 thousand rupees were deposited in cash and 30 thousand rupees in the account. After this both the families felt cheated. Police said that Babita Tiwari, Keshav Prasad Saket, Arun Kumar Tiwari and Mansukh Raikwar have been arrested.

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