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Honda Motor announced advanced plans for eVTOL for space technology and avatar robots

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Honda Motor announced advanced plans for eVTOL for space technology and avatar robots

The Honda Motor Company announced an improvised business plan for Avatar robots and space technology. With the research and experimental tactics, innovations in technology, and thinking outside the box, the control on robotics and modernization has paved the way for a vastly different world.

The contrast between a helicopter and an eVTOL is the multiple propellers in eVTOL, each of which has an autonomous motor driven by a battery; powered by electricity. In contrast, the helicopter has one large, loud rotor fixed on top, making eVTOLs safer, cleaner, and quieter.

HMC aims to grasp its electrification techniques and improve its function by evolving the Honda eVTOL, which comes equipped with a gas turbine and a built-in hybrid power unit, as stated by the company.

The company first announced it aims to advance technologies in the space, as mentioned above, during a press conference in April.

The company says it aspires to create a new “mobility ecosystem” that emphasizes eVTOL at its core and is correlated to other such necessary mobility products on the ground.

As per the plans and programs of the company, Honda’s avatar robot concept, ASIMO, would enable the user to have a second self that delivers quality work and performs tasks and experiences things without having to be present there in person.

Users are always able to connect and precisely control the avatar robot by wearing a VR headset and a tangible glove that will have an ultimate mirror with a set of precise hand movements.

Honda plans to implement their plans, starting from the 2030’s itself, revolutionizing this concept.

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