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Mumbai: Man got acquitted after 5 years in Prison, police fabricated evidences


Mumbai, recently a session court observing that police fabricated the evidences, acquitted a 29-year-old man who spent five and a half years in prison in a alleged murder case.

The accused Shrinivas Lakka was charged with the murder of Manoj Sarkanya, who are neighbours. It was alleged that the deceased Manoj was stalking Lakka’s wife for six to seven months months in year 2015, and one day when Lakka foind Manoj alone, Lakka attacked on Manoj which lead to death of Manoj.

The police claimed that Lakka himself walked to the police station and confessed the crime. The police also claimed that Lakka came to the police station in blood-soaked clothes and handed them the murder weapon. It was also claimed that the clothes were seized at 8.20pm but in the CCTV footage of the police station, the accused was seen wearing the clothes at 10pm. The court said that, it cannot be ruled out the possibility of smearing the deceased blood on Lakka’s cloth.

“More so, when the CCTV footage shows that the police has created false and fabricated documents,” the court said as quoted by The Times of India.

The facts of the case are contrary to the investigative officer’s report. Additionally, the witness’s testimonials presented by the prosecution were also rendered null and void based on relevance. The deceased mother claimed she was an eyewitness, but she didnot informed the police of the involvement of Lakka, when she first met with police in hospital. Even she didnot spoken to her other son about the Lakka’s involvement.

“The court said the prosecution’s failure to examine the victim’s wife who was also cited as an eyewitness and could have corroborated the mother’s claims, was fatal to its case.”, The TOI published.

Further, the reasoning behind the court’s decision to acquit the accused is that the evidence was fabricated, and also that, the CCTV footage shows that the incidents reported in the police report didnot match with the incidents on that fateful day at the police station.

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