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Faridabad: A bloody conspiracy was hatched for the property, together with the lover, the father-in-law was murdered


A week ago, a person named Bharat Singh was shot dead in Ballabhgarh’s New Friends Colony of Faridabad Haryana. The prime suspect has been identified as Geeta who is the daughter in law of the deceased man.

The Crime Branch of the Faridabad Police has arrested a woman who killed her father-in-law. Ancestral property is the reason behind the heinous crime due to which she carried out this conspiracy. The other accused of the case is her lover who had also given her money to buy a firearm. This incident of murder was carried out by shooting with the same pistol.

Actually, the deceased Bharat Singh was the stepfather of Vinod, husband of the accused woman Geeta. Whereas Bharat Singh’s real son Suraj had lost his life in a train accident last year. After his death, Suraj’s wife also went to her maternal home. Since then, Bharat’s step-son Vinod’s wife Geeta was pressuring him to transfer all the properties in his name. Because all the property is in the name of Geeta’s father-in-law, Bharat Singh. Geeta would insist on this time and again but Bharat Singh flatly refused to do so.

Now Bharat Singh’s refusal was passing an exasperation to his daughter-in-law Geeta. Due to which he planned to kill his father-in-law. It was not possible to carry out this plan alone. So Geeta also included her lover Dalip alias Sandy in this plan. Police spokesperson Sube Singh said that in this incident, along with the accused woman Geeta, her lover Dalip alias Sandy alias Kalia is also involved, who is a resident of Gurugram. He knew Geeta for about 6-7 years. Cases are already registered against him in many serious sections including murder. He has also served a sentence in jail. It was Geeta who got him bail. A weapon was needed to get the father-in-law out of the way. Therefore, the accused Geeta had given Rs 4000 to her lover Sandy to buy the gun. It was Dalip who had brought two cartridges, a country-made pistol and sleeping pills to Geeta.

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