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Isa Guha obscene remarks “How big is yours?” to a fellow commentator during a cricket match, Is this acceptable?


In the Big Bash League (BBL), on 12 December, there was match between Sydney Thunder and Maxwell-led Melbourne Stars. The game happening in the home ground for Thunder at Sydney Showdown Stadium. Glenn Maxwell won the toss and decided to bowl first and he also won the match.

In the middle of the partnership, the commentary panel started discussing spin-bowling and the art of carrom-balls. Isa Guha, who was also in the commentary panel, was listening to fellow commentators.

This was the moment when what Isa Guha said would not have been accepted in the society if it was given by any man. The activist for Men’s rights from world-wide has raised concern.

Guha patted a fellow commentator’s elbow and asked: “How big is yours?”.

Guha asked in a reply to her fellow commentator who said “Spin bowling coaching clinics where the head coach has said, y’all know.. You just show me your bowling hand. The guy or kid with longest middle finger was identified as a potential carrom-bowler,”.

On this Adam Gilchrist laughed, who was also in the panel.

The men’s rights activists from worldwide said it was an obscenity.

Taking some example, if you go back, KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya was fined for Rs 20 lakh each on passing indecent remarks. Once, Chris Gayle was dropped from the team when he said “Don’t blush baby!”. Chris Gayle had to pay this price for saying this to a journalist.

It would be obscene if a boy had showed this soft sexuality, and then an attempt would be made to destroy him and his career. Imagine what would happen if a man asked “what’s your size”.

The obscenity that is being paraded in the name of soft sexuality is not acceptable from anywhere in society.

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