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Father’s Day Rally at Bengaluru demanding #SharedParenting


Bengaluru, NGO CRISP and SIFF together organised a rally at Townhall on the occasion of Father’s day 2019.

Children at Fathers Day protest
Children at Fathers Day protest

NGO CRISP is committed to fight against the alienation of children from their parent in matrimonial dispute. NGO SIFF is working for both men’s rights and child rights.

Saturday, both the NGO CRISP and SIFF jointly protested at Townhall demanding “Shared Parenting and Joint Responsibility” in matrimonial dispute, in order to ensure the children in matrimonial dispute can get “love and affection of both parents”.

Kumar Jahgirdar at the Father's Day protest
Kumar Jahgirdar at the Father’s Day protest

National President of CRISP Kumar Jahgirdar said:

“typically in divorce or separation case, one of the parent, out of revenge against the other parent, deprives the child of the love, affection, and care of the other parent, mostly the father who get deprived.”

Kumar also said, such separation are worse form of child abuse. He added that, “child suffer from permanent psychological disorder like Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) and Reactive Associative Disorders that wrap a child’s overall development”.

Anil Kumar at Father's Day Protest
Anil Kumar at Father’s Day Protest

SIFF Co-Founder Anil Kumar said that, “such alienation impacts the childhood and it is important for our nation to ensure child rights in every form, for the better nation ahead”.

Front row Anil Kumar, Kumar Jahgirdar, Pandurang S Katti in the Back row
Front row Anil Kumar, Kumar Jahgirdar, Pandurang S Katti in the Back row

SIFF Co-Founder Pandurang S Katti said that, “One day our children will become part of adult society and, we need to ensure their development to their fullest”.

Protest on Father's Day 2019 for #SharedParenting
Protest on Father’s Day 2019 for #SharedParenting

Activist in the protest also said that, “children being used as tool by mother” and this has even observed by various courts but no action taken towards the “Shared Parenting”.

Fathers at the Father's Day Protest
Fathers at the Father’s Day Protest

Activist Suprakash Khuntia said that “this is the time when Indian need to talk about Shared Parenting, due to rise in separation”.

Activist Rajeev said that “Due to rise in rate of divorce or separation, it becomes necessity to adopt Shared Parenting plan for the interest of the children”.

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