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Water on Mars: A huge reservoir of water was found just 3 feet below Mars


The dream of Elon Musk who wants to establish human settlements on Mars seems to be becoming a reality in the near future.

The European Space Agency has reported that a large amount of water has been found in the Grand Canyon of Mars. According to the agency, this huge reservoir of water on Mars is just three feet below the surface of Valles Mariners. The Valles Mariners is a very large canyon spread over an area of ​​3862 km.

The Candor Chaos Valley is part of the shape of the Valles Marineris Netherlands. Scientists hope that the maximum amount of water can be found in this valley.

 Alexei Malakhov, an assistant author of this research, has said that research has shown that the intermediate part of Valles Mariners is filled with water. He says that there is more water than expected here. The snow-covered areas on Earth have been like this. Here snow remains frozen under the dry land due to low temperature.

First evidence of water on Mars

In 2006, the US space agency NASA released some pictures and said that evidence of water has been found on Mars. The photos shared by NASA showed that liquid water was on Mars between 1999 and 2001. On July 31, 2008, NASA’s Phoenix Mars lander confirmed that there is ice on Mars. In this also the elements found in the water present on the earth have been found.

Now the discovery of the European Space Agency has revealed that ice is present only three feet below.

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