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Actor Sandeep Nahar commits suicide due to regular harassment and abuse by wife, male domestic abuse ignored


15 Feb, shockingly, actor Sandeep Nahar committed suicide, who achieved a good position in Bollywood after a long and tough struggle in his life’s journey. He worked as bouncer, gym trainer and gradually become an actor in bollywood, but what made Sandeep so weak that he committed suicide.

Actor Sandeep Nahar in his suicide note has written about regular threats to destroy his career and his life. The actor’s suicide note also reveals regular abuse to him and his parents and Sandeep has blamed his wife for all this in the suicide note. He said that, “he cannot take it more, the abuse for him and for his mother”.

The actor has performed in ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’ and ‘Kesri’. Before taking the strange step, he posted a note and video on facebook later the account was deleted. The actor was declared dead on arrival at SVR Hospital, a police official said.

The actor who won at every stage in his life but he lost his life due to regular abuse and intimidation by his wife. He said that, he used to get regular threats of ‘suicide’ from his wife and his mother-in-law used to give him threat to trap in false cases.

The actor also disclosed that in addition to “torchour” by his wife, his mother-in-law also torchoured him regularly by threatening him to trap him in false cases just as his mother-in-law has implicated her other two sons-in-law (husbands of two other daughters) in false cases and were also sent to jail. Sandeep disclosed that his wife also implicated his ex boyfriend in false case and put him in jail.

The actor also said, “kaam ka stress insan ek baar fir bhi jhel sakta hai, par aurat ka stress jhelna bhot mushkil hai” the professional stress is bearable but the stress given by wife is unbearable in daily life.

He has also written in his suicide note that, in 2 years his life has changed, his wife used to threaten him to commit suicide and destroy his career, his family life. He further written that, she used to abuse him, disrespect him and she used to say wrong about his family.

He said “ab mere liye is tarah jeena bhot mushkil ho raha hai” it is very tough for me to live like that.

He also thanked his parents for giving him everything what he needed. He also said that, he would have lived for his parents but he is not single. Having soft corner for his wife, he has also said for his wife to not to say anything to her.

It is being assumed by the the police official that the Nahar’s made the video probably three hours before his death.

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