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Class XI Student Committed Suicide due to constantly humiliated by Female Teacher


Ludhiana, a Class XI student hanged himself to death as he was constantly tortured and humiliated by female teacher for wearing shorter length pant.

Dhananjay Tiwari, 17 year old Class XI student, Son of Brij Ram Tiwari works in a factory in Gurmel, originally a resident of Gonda, UP. His class teacher Poonam used to beat him repeatedly with his belt due to wearing short pant.

Teacher Poonam called his mother to the school and humiliated & beaten him in front of his mother, which was opposed by her. As a result Poonam threw her out from school.

Though the family was running with financial crisis, his mother bought new pants from the school itself, which was small again. Dhananjay had spoken to his teacher Poonam that his father would buy him new pants from next month’s salary.

On Wednesday, teacher Poonam tied Dhananjay’s hands with his own tie and took him to the principals room. She tortured and humiliated by beating him with his own belt. After this incident, Dhananjay stopped going to the school for 2 days and even did not take food properly.

On the Friday night, his mother stayed with him till 2 o’clock in the mid night to feed him after that she went down. Again she went back to Dhananjay’s room around 3 am. She saw Dhananjay hanging himself from the fan. He was soon rushed to the hospital, where he was declared dead.

Police has lodged a case against the class teacher Poonam, Principal Saroj Sharma and Director Prabhu Dutt, and search for all the accused is going on. It has also came in light that School Director Prabhu Dutt is husband of principle Saroj Sharma.

Men and Child rights activist said this a crime against child and the matter should be dealt with IPC and Juvenile Justice Act. They further said it a heinous crime and demanded death sentence for the female teacher and the school principle.

Chief Minister of Punjab is Captain Amarinder Singh, directed DC Ludhiana to look the matter and report.

Users at social media also expressed their disappointment.

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