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International Men’s Day 2019: Are Indian Men and Young Boys Ready to Celebrate?


International Men’s Day is celebrated on 19 Nov, 2019 in more than 60 countries including India. Men’s Day celebrated to recognise men’s contribution for the family, society, Nation and also to raise voice on the issues which men’s are facing.

The men’s rights NGO, Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) in year 2007 first celebrated the International Men’s Day in India. Since then, SIFF has continued to raise the voice of men. They believe that system has made completely for women, that there are almost 50 laws to protect women but men do not have any law for their own safety.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau in India, the suicide rate due to family reasons of men is almost 100% higher than the suicide rate of women. “SIFF” believes feminist unilateral law causing growing suicide among men. The unilateral law is affecting the family system as well as the lives of senior citizens, children.

On the occasion of IMD, UNESCO World Heritage site CSMT building at Mumbai lit with blue light, an initiative of Amit Deshpande, President Vastav Foundation. Singer and Actor Karan Oberoi also joined the celebration at the Heritage site.

Amit Deshpande, Karan Oberoi at UNESCO World Heritage site CSMT building at Mumbai

Mangesh Bhalerao, who lead the march for men at The Royal Cout, London, said that “Men and women should be seen as equal in society, there should be no discrimination based on gender”. This is the first time, an Indian men’s rights organisation has organised such a march for men in London.

March For Men Organised by SIFF at The Royal Court of London

Writer and director Manish Gupta in a youtube video representing Men’s Day, seen talking about the “Constitution of India” which guarantees every citizen to stand equal.

Sandeep from Pune said to Radio One Pune that, “in a dispute between man and woman, urges to remain neutral before making up mind”

Darshan from Maharashtra said to FM Radio 94.3 about how he facing case of domestic violance.

International Men’s Day 2019 is celebrated with objective, to recognize men’s contributions to society, to focus on Men’s health, to higlight discrimination against men, to improve gender relations and promote gender equality”.

In September 2019, with the similar objective “Purusharth Mahotsav 2019″ was organised in association with SIFF. In the event various Men involved in social work was awarded with “Purusharth Award“, also that the event was organised month before to create awareness of the Men’s Day.

Guest At Purusharth Mahotsav
Guest At Purusharth Mahotsav

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