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Ghaziabad police revealed conspiracy of False Gang Rape Case, two women arrested


Ghaziabad police arrested two women involved in prostitution and for plotting conspiracy of gang rape for compensation.

The news has come when Delhi Commission for Women Chief, Swati Maliwal is on hunger strike and the protest against the rape cases giving push to the movement all over India.

On 9 December 2019, Kavinagar police station received information that a woman namely Shehzadi was lying unconscious near Dasna Toll. She was immediately taken to the hospital, where she was treated and later she claimed gang rape with her.

We received the information last night at around 11:00 pm that a woman was lying at the side of the road near Dasna toll. Police reached the spot and took her to the hospital and when she came to her senses she told us that she was gang-raped” said Anshu Jain, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Ghaziabad. ANI Reported

During police enquiry, she said, in the morning she went to Hapur for work and during her return, the driver and another person raped her and threw her at Dasna toll.

Conspiracy Revealed

During medical examination, she denied for internal checkup and also police tracked her mobile CDR location. Police also saw a women namely Reshma in hospital which they found suspicious, and they enquired Reshma.

Reshma revealed the Conspiracy

She said, that both of them has been living separately from their husbands and they are into sex related business. She also said that they are neighbours and since long they were not getting customer so they decided to take compensation in Rape cases and planned this conspiracy. On interrogating the duo revealed that, Shehzadi tear her clothes and laid on the road, later her friend Reshma took the phone from a passerby and informed the police about the rape.

According to the police, Reshma and Shehzadi’s conspiracy has also been confirmed from their mobile CDR locations. Police has registered, a case of conspiring false Gang Rape and body shopping.

Police investigated the matter further and it was revealed that the woman who was found lying near Toll and along with another woman had planned this conspiracy in order to acquire the compensation amount from the government. This was fake information and both the women were immediately arrested by the police” she added. ANI Reported

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