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Mathura: Wife caught with lover in guest house, husband called police


The husband caught wife red-handed in the guest house in an objectionable position. Seeing this the husband called the police and handed over the wife and lover to the Govardhan police, amargura. However, on the complaint of the husband, the police reached the spot and took the register of the hotel along with the wife and lover to the police station.

The case is the immoral acts in the guest house here are tarnishing the image of the shrine. On Monday, a woman reach Govardhan from Mathura with her lover. Had booked a room in a guest house near the bus stand. Meanwhile, the woman’s husband reached Govardhan chasing Mathura. In the guest house room, the wife and the lover were caught by the husband in an illicit act .

Suddenly, seeing the husband there, the wife’s senses were blown away and the lover started running away from the scene with her. But the husband called the police and they reached the spot. The police took the wife and her lover to the police station. The police is interrogating them.

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