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Husband committed suicide by jumping in front of a train along with one and a half year old son


Father and his one and a half year old son died after being hit by a superfast train near the village Diwana of Panipat. The driver of the train informed in the report given to the Panipat Government Railway Police that a young man had deliberately jumped in front of the train with a child in his hand. In the ongoing Police investigation it was found that the deceased, 30-year-old Babulal, was originally a resident of Nalanda, Bihar. He was currently working as a laborer for three months at a brick factory in Khalila village, Panipat.

On the other hand, Babulal’s companions said that he was married in 2012, whereas there was a rift between Babulal and Putul Devi after the marriage. Putul often used to leave the house after fighting and going away. At the same time, a three-year-old son of Babulal lives with his grandparents in Bihar.

Babulal lived in a hut built in the brick kiln premises with his wife Putul Devi and his one and a half year old son Shankarlal. The police investigation revealed that Babulal’s wife Putul Devi had left Babulal on January 14 due to domestic dispute and she had not even reached her maternal home. Due to a domestic dispute, Babulal ended his life by jumping in front of the train along with his son. However the GRP sent the bodies of Babulal and Shankar Lal to the civil hospital for post-mortem and sent them to the civil hospital by giving them to their relatives and their colleagues residing at the brick kiln. Post-mortem of the dead bodies of father and son will be conducted yet to be sent.

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