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Former Court Assistant accuses CJI Gogoi of Sexual Harassment, CJI replied inappropriate


A women and the former junior court assistant, alleged sexual harassment on CJI Rajan Gogoi.

The Former Junior Court assistant alleged sexual harassment on CJI Rajan Gogoi. She has submitted affidavit to Supreme Court mentioning the sexual harassment and her dismissal.

The Quint who has the copy of the affidavit, reported that she has mentioned “he hugged me around the waist, and touched me all over my body with his arms and by pressing his body against mine, and did not let go,”.

The formar assistant, also alleged that her dismissal was part of it. She added that her family also facing heat out of it, and they have also been suspended.

Scroll reported that, she has alleged that “CJI Gogoi had made sexual advances or her”. She was working as Junior Court assistant at CJI residence.

The Scroll reported that, “Secretary General of the Supreme Court of India” replied to their queries and said

“addition to her…. there were several other employees also working as a part of the home office of the CJI, and at any given point of time, there were atleast 5-6 other present as a part of the home office of the CJI”, Scroll reported.

Secretary General also said to Scroll as

“It is not open to anyone to make unsolicited calls or uninvited approaches to the office of the Chief Justice of india, empecially an employee who has already been dismissed, and who previously engaged in inappropriate conduct….”

The Secretary General said it a tactic, Scroll reported.

“It appears that these false allegations are being made asa pressure tactics to somehow come out of the various proceedings which have been initiated in law, against her and her family, for their on wrong doings.”

Senior advocate Vrinda Grover said to The Quint that, “Her entire family has been harassed, victimised and intimidated. Thereafter, criminal cases have been lodged against her. So there is relentless intimidation and victimisation that is going on not just to silence her but to also punish her. She has narrated everything supported by documents,”. Grover is also a human rights lawyer.

CJI Gogoi said in the matter that “All I would like to say is this, undoubtedly every employees are treated fairly and decently. This employee was there for a month-and-a-half. Allegations came and I didn’t deem it appropriate to reply to the allegations,”.

Advocate Swapnil Shrivastva said that, it has been observed that some time, women accuses sexual harassment due to personal grievances. They take it as weapon to handle the situation. The same was also observed in the matter of “Ganga Prasad Mahto“.

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