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Wife Called lover home in the night, got the husband murdered: Madhya Pradesh


In Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, a married woman and a mother of two children killed her husband with the help of lover.

Sadly, this is not the first such case. What Is shocking is that the wife and her lover made love while the body was lying next to them.

However, before dawn, when the lover had already left the house, the wife informed her father-in-law about the death of her husband. The sudden death of the son raised suspicion and the family decided to inform the police.

Rajgarh SP Pradeep Sharma told that 30-year-old Ram Dinesh Meena was murdered in Beriyakhedi village of Suthalia police station on the night of 21 January. Someone entered the house and killed Dinesh. Dinesh’s wife Jyoti was present in the house at the time of the incident. On the information of the family members, the police reached the spot. Investigation revealed that the husband was brutally murdered and his wife Jyoti, who was sleeping nearby, could not sleep. The suspicion of the police deepened after listening to the wife. During investigation, the police found a broken mobile phone from the house. The police sent the mobile for repair. When the secret of Jyoti was revealed through this mobile, the police were also surprised.

In police interrogation, 25-year-old Jyoti said that she has a grocery store. Along with husband Dinesh, she also used to sit in the shop. A young man living in the village, Chain Singh Lodha used to come to Jyoti’s grocery shop to get goods. When their friendship blossomed into an illicit relationship, he gifted Jyoti a mobile and both of them started talking on the phone. When Dinesh came to know about Jyoti’s love affair, he broke the mobile. This mobile was recovered by the police, but after a few days Chain Singh got Jyoti another mobile. On coming to know about the affair, there was a fierce fight between Dinesh and Jyoti. In the end, Jyoti along with her lover prepared a plan to get her husband out of their way.

As part of the planning, on the night of January 21, Dinesh slept in the room after having dinner. After this, Jyoti called the lover and called him home. Lover Chain Singh attacked Dinesh with a stick and he stopped breathing as soon as he got a severe head injury. While, the dead body of the husband was lying on the bed and Jyoti and her lover had the gala time.

In the morning, Jyoti left no stone unturned and cleaned the blood from the dead body of husband Dinesh, changed clothes and then sent the lover to his house. As soon as the day passed, Jyoti came crying to Madan Lal, the father-in-law living in another house and told that someone had killed her husband in the night. She said that the husband was in the downstairs room, I slept in the upstairs room, so I didn’t even know. But the broken mobile of Jyoti in the hands of the police exposed the murder mystery. The police have arrested Jyoti and Chain Singh and sent them to jail.

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