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Delhi Police ACP accused of assaulting 12-year-old child, child rights agency found him crying on roadside


A 12-year-old innocent child was working at the house of Delhi Police’s ACP Shipra Giri has accused her of assault. The Children’s Commission has rescued that child and has filed the report to the Police.

Police who are meant to serve the public and protect them are failing to handle their responsibilities. A heart-breaking incident of a 12-year-old child assault has shaken the core especially because the incident happened in the house of the ACP of Delhi Police. The children’s commission has rescued a 12-year-old child who ran away from the house of the ACP of Delhi Police. The child has accused the ACP of assault. The child had run away from the house only after getting fed up with the beatings. The incident was reported on October 10, but no case has been registered in this case so far.

As per the sources, a child was crying sitting near a dump when a passerby informed the child helpline. The team rescued the child and after recording the statement in front of the SDM, then later handed the child to the family. The child was informed during interrogation that he was made to work at home unnecessarily. During the investigation, the child also showed injury marks.

The child is a resident of Bikaner, Rajasthan who was given to the Shipra Giri, posted as ACP for domestic work. The child was living with the ACP at the house located at Vasant Kunj C-9 Society. But a few days later the child ran away from home.

In this matter, NCPCR has sent a notice to the Commissioner of Police and sought an action taken report. There is also an allegation of assault and harassment of the child in this notice.

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