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Six UP cops suspended in assaulting and killing Kanpur based businessman Manish Gupta, autopsy shows injuries on the body and head


The post-mortem report of a Kanpur businessman who was died in a hotel in Gorakhpur revealed four marks of serious injury on his body.

Up cops assaulted & killed a businessman |

Six policemen, including the station in charge of Ramgarhtal police station, have been suspended, although no arrest has been made so far. A case of murder has also been registered against six policemen.

The post-mortem report of the Kanpur based businessman Manish Gupta, who was killed after he was allegedly assaulted by a policeman in Gorakhpur, revealed four serious injury marks on his body – on the right hand, wrist, hairline, and eyelid.

The report said that 5×4 cm injury in the center of his head proved fatal. There are stick marks on his right hand and injury marks on his left eyelid.


38-year-old property dealer Manish Gupta was killed during a raid on a hotel in Gorakhpur on Tuesday. He was staying at the hotel with his two friends.

The police had earlier claimed that Manish Gupta had fallen to the ground due to a head injury as he was intoxicated. Police claimed that he was taken to BRD Medical College where he died during treatment.

Police said they had received information that “suspicious” people were staying at the hotel. They entered the hotel room where Manish Gupta was staying with two of his friends on Monday night.

Members of the victim’s family claimed that Manish Gupta died after being attacked by policemen.

Manish Gupta’s wife Meenakshi has accused the police and hotel staff of hiding the matter. “My husband was murdered in that hotel, he was killed by a policeman. Despite the beating of my husband, there was no blood at the scene. Two of his friends said there was blood everywhere, but the hotel staff cleaned it up,” she said.

Police met the victim’s family, the video went viral

A video of UP Police officials who came to meet the victim’s family has gone viral. In the video, the officials told the family members that the matter would go on for a long time in court. This video is being criticized on social media.

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