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Three year old boy died after torture by mother for disobeying her


Kochi, on Friday, a three year old boy died due to head injury. It was reported to doctors that child fallen and causes injury but later in the investigation, mother accepted the torture to the boy.

Wednesday, The child was taken to a hospital near Aluva, Kochi. Due to serious head injury the child went into coma and was running on support of ventilator. Friday, early morning around 9:00 am doctor confirmed his death.

The family was originally from Jharkhand and they were living there in Kerala as a daily wages worker. The father reported to doctor that the child has fallen from staircase and went unconscious.

During medical treatment doctors observed the difference in the reported cause of the injury, so they informed police. The doctors also observed burn marks on various parts of the body. The doctors found that head injury has not made from falling from stairs but it is made by some object hit on the head.

The Hindu after the discussion with police reported that, the mother used to beat him and give him burn injuries when the boy disobey her. The mother claimed that the child felt on a concrete slab in the kitchen which causes the head injury. Police also observed inconsistency in the statement of the mother. Police awaiting the postmortem report, till then they doing investigation based on the observation by the doctors.

The police has registered a FIR under attempt to murder and also the “Crime Against Child under the Juvenile Justice Act” arrested the mother in the charges. The Police is also interrogating the father in police custody, and looking his role in the crime. The police is now checking their background and sending a team to Jharkhand to get more details about the parents.

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