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Chandra Prakash Kathuria injured while escaping from balcony of girlfriend flat, expelled from BJP


Chandra Prakash Kathuria expelled from the primary membership of the BJP after a video went viral on social media showing him falling down while escaping from the balcony of his girlfriend’s flat.

Chandra Prakash Kathuria injured while trying to COME DOWN from Balcony

In a viral video on social media it is showing that, BJP Karnal representative Chandra Prakash Kathuria gets injured while he was struggling to escape from balcony of girlfriends flat in Sec 63 of Chandigarh. His leg was allegedly broken during the escape, Kathuria was later admitted to PGIMER for the treatment.

During all these incidents, Kathuria’s girlfriend did not come down, as seen in the video, she was asking a boy to help Kathuria, and was also telling the boy “Be a Nice Man”. The incident took place when other guy rang the doorbell and then Kathuria tried to escape from balcony.

After the viral video, BJP expelled Kathuria for six years, while there is nothing stated in the letter related to the video. From the sources, Kathuria did not want to meet the other guy, that is the reason of escaping from balcony, however no formal communication from Kathuria.

At this point, it cannot be stated that this was a matter of adulterous relationship, because there is no incident reported either by the girlfriend or by Kathuria. Police is not in a position to take any action until someone report any crime.

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