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IAS aspirant woman misbehaves with Delhi Police after her car was stopped for breaking the epidemic protocol


New Delhi: The Delhi Police has registered a case against a couple for breaking the epidemic protocol. The police stopped their car for not wearing mask inside the car. In the viral video, the woman was seen misbehaving with the policeman personnel.

She said to the cops, “I have cleared the UPSC mains do not tell me about rights, how can you stop a moving car”.

She also said that, “CM,PM will step down from their post”

The incident took place at around 4 pm on April 18, 2021, Sunday at Dariyaganj area, when the couple entered in the area where Curfew was imposed and it was mandatory to carry the curfew pass.

In the video, the woman has been seen continuously misbehaving and arguing aggressively with the policeman. Later the police called the women police personnel, who took her to the police station, and the man with the women was arrested.

“On Saturday and Sunday, the Delhi Police registered 569 FIRs and 2,369 challans for Covid-rule violations during the lockdown. 323 people were also arrested during the same period”, NDTV published.

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