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UP Police justified violence with family for women’s rights on twitter, recorded in CCTV camera


The Uttar Pradesh Police, while replying to the violence on the family by the police on Twitter, neither detached themselves from the violence nor did they admit abuse of power by the police. In the reply, the UP police in a tweet justified violence with family for women’s rights.

On the evening of 7 January (this year), Vivek Sharma posted several videos on Twitter, and reported the violence done by police on himself, his parents and brother. About seven police officers are seen in the video, who were seen searching his house. The police action was not limited to the search operation, they were beating him, his brother and harassed his mother and they were seen arguing with the family.

Vivek allegations on the Police

He made several serious allegations to the police that, the police snatched their phones, they conspired with his wife, tried to destroy evidence and also alleged that the police tried to take the CCTV DVR where all the incident were recorded.

He further alleged that, the police took them to the police station without any arrest warrant and also that the police did not show them the search warrant. He also alleged that his mother was kept captive at the Police station till 10:30 pm.

He also alleged that, he was taken to the Police Station in the PCR van while the police who took them has no jurisdiction in his area.

The Police Response on Vivek’s tweet

On Vivek’s allegations, the police replied that they went there on the complaint of Vivek’s wife Parul Sharma which they received at 112. Parul went there to collect her clothes and other things. The police then alleged on Vivek and his family that, they started making videos on their arrival, to put pressure on police, and also alleged that Vivek is posting the old video to put pressure on the police.

Our View

In response, by the police on twitter, they have not denied violence with the family of Vivek nor they have said it a wrong act of the Police. As per our understanding, the family matters must be dealt with utmost care and softly, to ensure the possibility of re-union. Such a harsh step by police with 6-7 staff members may cause damage to the family system.

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